How to buy links to a website

This presentation will tell you how to buy links correctly and so that search engines do not impose fines or filters. Many webmasters have noticed that having created a site even with unique and author’s articles, but the site is not given out by search engines in not something that is in the top ten in the keyword search, but also not seen in a hundred. At the moment, although they say that the priorities of search engines have changed and links are not taken into account. Also how they are taken into account. In order to understand how to buy links on link sales exchanges, we will look at general information.
The very first thing to understand is that the increase in links should not go by leaps and bounds. I.e. do not buy links in bundles. The increase in links is naturally added several pieces at a time. Then your site is not in danger of pessimization and it will not fall under the filter.

For more naturalness, find, purchase and buy links in different sources and directions: links from forums, end-to-end sites, links in articles so-called eternal links and rented on exchanges. Depending on the age of your site, as well as trustworthiness, i.e. the level of trust of search engines, it is necessary to buy the necessary number of links. The older the domain is in years, it has a large number of internal pages, in this case, you can increase the reference mass more quickly.

It is necessary to take into account anchors, for naturalness it is necessary to use different phrases that differ from each other. You also need to add non-anchor links for a change, but it is these factors that are taken into account by search engines. It is by diversifying the acquisition of links that you can create an imitation of the usual increase in the reference mass.

How to select links to purchase on the site? In the eyes of search engines, a link can be of high quality, if it has any weight itself. It is advisable to buy links from donor sites with such parameters: The site is over a year old, i.e. the domain was purchased at least a year ago. This parameter is always quite important, the older the domain, the more from the point of view of search engines it will not link to random sites, i.e. it has a trust. According to the number of external links — there should not be many of them, I am guided by up to 5 pieces. The transmission of each link from the page decreases with increasing number. From 10 thematic citation index, you can also add several links with its absence. Search engines like when a page is filled with text content, for them it becomes high-quality, and a lot of weight is transferred from such pages. According to the number of characters of text on the page, it is desirable to have more than 2000 characters. The page from which the link will go must be indexed in a search engine and have a cache. The closer the cache date is to today’s date, the better. This means that the search robot visits this page often. I will not dwell on domain zones, because I believe that everything is indexed the same way. The only thing I will pay attention to is that third-level domains can transfer less weight with the same parameters, but this opinion is subjective.
In order not to arouse suspicion among search engines that links are purchased, it is necessary to buy both expensive and not expensive links. I.e. these sites will have different quality, so it will be considered normal for them. It’s not bad if more of the purchased links have a similar or the same theme with your site. Therefore, you need to buy links on these sites. To buy links to promote your site, you need, first of all, to know the totality of several parameters at once. Learn how to buy links for your site correctly and SAFELY.