Exchange of Articles

This exchange of writing and selling content for money is great for beginners to write texts and for the gurus of this business. The average earnings of a copywriter in this exchange is $ 300 per month. It is very easy to figure out how to work on this resource. An excellent choice of the exchange for beginners. The loyalty and adequacy of moderators helps a lot in the work. Also, the navigation on the site is clear and simple, quite high prices for the work done. With an increase in the rating on the stock exchange as a copywriter or rewriter, you will earn more by selling your articles.
The unit of account on the exchange is the ruble. It is best to follow this strategy for those who are starting to work with this exchange:
It is best to start with a rewrite. A rewrite is a retelling in your own words without losing the meaning of the original text of the article, creating a new unique text. With excellent knowledge of the topic on which you are writing an article, you can write text from your head. To sell an article, you need to go to the “add article” section in the left column to insert the text of the article, then fill in all the columns – the description of the article, its name…
Pricing policy should be conducted skillfully, even if an excellent writer. Look at the prices for a similar product from other participants, use this information. After a few sales, raise the price a little. Perhaps someone will like your pen art and they will become regular buyers of your texts. It is also possible to earn money by completing tasks. To use this option, go to the “new orders” section in the upper right corner and offer your services. In the event that you are informed that you are assigned to perform the task, start working. Additionally, you can earn money by attracting your friends and comrades and comrades, or even just those who want to earn money. There is an option to earn money by selling your photos. By registering, this way you will get an interesting, real, convenient and affordable type of earnings. It is necessary to try and after the time has passed and the experience you have gained, you will be glad that you have started moving in this direction, while not connected with going to work and wasting unnecessary time. You will also choose the working time yourself. For example, your working capacity increases at night. The best exchange of articles selling on which is convenient and well-established. register on the exchange of articles.