Electronic bulletin board

The original concept refers to BBS. Over time, as the Internet has developed, a large number of sites have been created that are similar to everyday free bulletin boards, replacing or supplementing an advertising newspaper. A free ad is an advertising message that announces something, printed in a magazine, advertising newspaper or added with the sole purpose of attracting the attention of a potential client, buyer or reader. Most advertising companies that use paper products as a tool like newspapers or magazines in the city of Nizhny Novgorod, as well as in the field of radio and TV advertising, in parallel use such an effective advertising tool as free electronic bulletin boards. There are also paid ones. Your ad for free advertising – fast and easy! Free classifieds bulletin Bulletin board is a site in Nizhny Novgorod where advertisements are placed – by analogy with a bulletin board or advertising heading in a free classifieds newspaper. Usually, these boards are free. The message boards are oriented by country and city, as well as by topic. Basically, all boards are moderated. Free classifieds boards. Why are they not performing well? Why are bulletin boards not working for you? Perhaps the ad you wrote and compiled is not correct. Or it was not correctly placed for the wrong city, category. Free advertisements. Why not? Styrene is probably one of the first services you will ever need. Several rules for the correct preparation of the announcement.

It is necessary to determine the purpose of the ad, for example, the sale of a car, the sale of goods, the search for business partners.

  • Drafting the ad text.
  • Placement on a free electronic bulletin board.
  • News on how to correctly compose an ad text.

It is best to compose small ads up to 300 characters with catchy and colorful words so that the text will interest the reader. You need to ensure that the text is read, interested and responded. The purpose of the Samara advertisement is to convey information to a potential client or buyer. This requires that the text is informative and written correctly. Prepare in advance in a text editor, for example, in microsoft word the title of the ad itself, think over which category it is better to classify this ad product. It is also important to check the text for errors. Free classifieds is a portal where you can quickly and easily create free classifieds. Add photos of the article of the city of Samara.
The most important thing is to correctly compose the title, its purpose is to attract and interest the reader. Whenever possible, it is made concise and expressive to convey the message of the message.
The ad title is attractive to the search engine, and thus the number of potential customers for this ad depends on the quality of the text. Placing an ad is effective in the most appropriate category or section. Site – free classifieds. You can sell, rent, postal service or product section of real estate, automobiles.

For example, the below image could be considered an ad:

How to correctly publish a free classifieds board on your site.

  1. Do not publish a copy of your ad on various message boards, for example, in the city of Moscow.
    In order for users to read your ad not only on the board, but also be able to find it using search engines Yandex, Google and etc., the time should pass, it varies depending on the site and can be from a day to 2-3 weeks. This time is needed for search robots to find your ad published for the city of St. Petersburg and include it in their index. Based on this, if you publish exactly the same ads, then one ad will be included in the index or search engine base.
  2. The correct ad title is compiled for the ad board – this is the key to success.
    Ordinary buyers or potential customers people who use the Internet to search for the necessary product or service are usually looking for your services without using message boards. To do this, they use the search engines Bing, Yandex, Google and others. In order for your ad, drawn up for a city, for example, Kiev, to move up, you need to adjust it to the search result of these search engines. These search engines display ads in the form of headlines that users pay attention to. Therefore, it should be both short and informative at the same time. For example “House in Kiev Troyeshina 100 sq.m. with a plot of 7 acres “,” Kiev region I will sell a 2012 opel car “,” Cargo carrier services in Kiev and the region “,” Rent an apartment in Kiev Obolon district “, etc.
    It is advisable to use keywords when composing the main text of the ad with the help of which users mainly search for services and goods using search engines. http://wordstat.yandex.ru will help you find the necessary quite popular ones and even tell you which ones are also looking for related ones. There is no point in misusing keywords, because search engines react badly to this, that is, do not list them in a large number in a row. There should be no more than two keywords in the text per 1000 characters of the text and one in the title.
  3. The more unique the ad text, for example, from the city of Yekaterinburg, the better. In the first paragraph, write a short summary in a couple of lines. “Selling a two-room apartment in the elite area of ​​the city of Yekaterinburg, the rooms are all isolated.” Use the second paragraph to elaborate and reveal more information about your product, more characteristics and nuances. Indicate the real price.
  4. It is very good to attach photos of the object of sale or service to the announcement of the city of Novosibirsk. Photography accelerates the sale in the city of Novosibirsk. Because this ad gets more attention from the user and your potential buyer. If there is a video, you can also attach using the YouTube.com video service.